Sunday, January 24, 2010

thoughts about haiti

It's taken me a couple of days to really catch up on what has happened in Haiti. After church today I finally took the opportunity to watch some footage and my heart is heavy, and my mind is racing.

I also read my friend Andrea's blog, and I want to echo some of her thoughts. She is living with her husband in Kenya right now and has had some similar experiences to what I have had in Africa. As I watched the footage of Haiti my mind drifted to the townships I lived in South Africa and the villiages of Zambia, where although not suffering from earthquake at this time, the images of homeless, starving children are burned in my mind. That same feeling of helplessness I felt daily while working in orphanges encompasses me. That same desire to do something, anything at all is there. Even having seen those images in person, everyday for months I can never truely grasp what the people of Haiti are going through. I have been hungry, but never starving. I have never slept on dirt in the street. I have never had a broken bone. I have never wanted for water, or wondered where my family was or if they are alive. I have not experienced earthquake or poverty or disease. I have never wondered if God had forsaken me.

I don't even know really what I want to say with this post except there are a few things I know to be true when things like this happen in the world.

-When we experience or watch others experience tradgedy it leads us to count our blessings. I am truely grateful for my mattress and the water bottle sitting on my night stand. I am grateful to have a family, and to know that they are safe, well and thriving. I am grateful for my health.

-God Loves Us. And He knows of every individual on the Planet because He created and added details to every individual on the earth. He has not forgotton the people of Haiti and he will take care of them, in His own way. He knew of this earthquake, and He knows what each of us is supposed to be taught by it. Our choice is to recognize the blessing of compassion, or the desire to be compassionate.

=I am grateful for The Plan of Salvation. As the death toll rises in Haiti I realize that I am lucky to know exactly what would happen to me if I were among the dying. I am privelages to know of "The Plan" and that I can live with my loved ones forever in Eternity.

-The meek and the humble shall inherit the earth. I can not tell you how many times this ran through my mind when I would see children without clothing, or hear that some of the orphans I was taking care of in Africa were rescued from garbage cans and sricken with AIDS. This statement offers comfort and leaves me no opportunity to let my pride get in the way.

Anyway, just a few thoughts. I am pretty sure this post and what I have learned is more for me than my readers, but I wanted to share. My heart and prayers go out to Haiti, and all of those there trying to lift the burdons of those people.

Monday, January 18, 2010

get your kicks

I spent last weekend in Rolla, Missouri visiting David and meeting more of His family. It was wonderful to spend more time with him since we have so little and to meet Lisa, His older Sister. I had met his other older sister Heather and cousin Megan in Salt Lake a couple of weeks ago. Pic below. I have to say thank you to these ladies for making me feel so welcome. It's not easy to let someone be in your little brother's life. I know because I am a big sister too...but I am glad I am the one they are letting in. Besides that, I totally like them. I have had so much fun corresponding with Lisa and Heather. I am totally lucky that David was practically raised by them and they taught him how to treat a lady!

I was also happy to meet David's mother who doesn't know how much it meant to me to have beat her at the card game of speed. I never beat anyone at speed. I am still on cloud nine from that!

And finally, the sole picture I took while on my trip. This is me by a Route 66 sign. We didn't actually see the road, but I suppose it is the claim to fame in Rolla. The bottle in my hand is rootbeer kids, so no need to worry. I guess was too preoccupied to notice I hadn't taken any pictures. I don't even have any of David's mom, sister, or him and I together. Next time I will take more mom I promise!

my word for 2010

Last year I started a new tradition. Instead of setting New Year's Resolutions, I decided to pick a word to work on for the entire year. My word for 2009 was "learn". It was the perfect word for last year because I did learn so much, about so many things.

This year I have chosen, (drum roll please)...


OK, so this one might seem boring, common, etc. but I chose it because it requires me actively working on it in small moments, hours, days. There is much that I have to work on when it comes to patience. I am required to have it in almost every area of my life right now and it is not something that always comes easily. I work with children, so naturally I am constantly needing to exercise patience although I have to say I really enjoy the children I get to spend time with everyday and it is good practice for when I have my own. I am in a long distance relationship, which requires patience and waiting but luckily and dauntingly I am dating the most incredible man on the planet and He's worth every moment I spend waiting til we can be together next. I am having to be patient with my dreams, which I have so many of always, and they are sometimes put on hold due to career and life decisions.

To help me as I go along, I found this talk by President Monson.

I am totally excited to see what 2010 brings. Let's hope I learn a little more patience by the time 2011 rolls around!