Friday, October 23, 2009

i heart halloween...

which is why I HAD to plan this little dinner for the kids that I nanny. The three year old has requested that I be and talk like a witch almost daily, so I finally decided to dress like one and perfect my cackle. I surprised the three kids and thier friend when they got home from school the other day. I opened the door in my costume and their mother escorted them to put on something festive. In the kitchen I was getting my brew ready, complete with rats and spiders floating around. Our special guest was Mr. Bones (pictured).

The menu consisted of some spooky items:
Goblin Guts (spaghetti and meatballs)
Bat Bread (bagels halved with garlic butter)
Vampire Teeth (corn)
Monster Salad (greens with tomato)
Eyeball Cupcakes
Spider Cookies
Witches Brew (sprite mixed with apple cranberry juice)

The best part was just seeing thier faces and when they were asking me, "Mrs. Witch...can I please have some goblin guts?"

I love love love doing things like this! Enjoy the pics!

i'm falling for autumn

The pics are self explanitory. There is no question my favorite season in New England.

i might have too much time on my hands...

It's either that or I am just really picky about how I do things lol. I caught myself putting these in the fridge a certain way the other day, according to vegetables and fruits and grains like rice or macaroni and cheese and then playdough, and to go color. I also noticed how I couldn't put two items the same color next to each other, for example, oranges and cantaloupe. Some would say I am OCD. (Never mind that all the fruit and veggies have to be the same size) I am going to call it a quirk.