Thursday, November 27, 2008

i'm so thankful for....

so many things! This thanksgiving I just wanted to list a few of the blessings I have in my life, ok or many in no certain order.

1. opportunities to travel.
2. freedom.
3. family.
4. second chances.
5. the gospel.
6. children.
7. smiles.
8. clean bathrooms.
9. water.
10. sunlight.
11. music.
12. chocolate.
13. guitar hero.
14. friends.
15. camera's.
16. pen pals.
17. health.
18. airplanes.
19. books.
20. flowers.
21. stoves and ovens and braais.
22. food in general.
23. sting.
24. parents.
25. temples.
26. internet.
27. holidays.
28. frisbee.
29. sunday suppers.
30. cupcakes.
31. life.

yep, I am still the luckiest girl in the world!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

football vs. rugby?

So I'm an American, and...I'm a Ute through and through which means that I cheer for red and I absolutely love American football in the fall. But, now I am living in South Africa and tis the season for Rugby, which is also awesome. The South Africans are asking me to choose which is better and the answer is that I'm not going to. I love them both. Football is fun, it's our culture, it's Utah culture, my families culture and yes, they wear helmets and you can fumble the ball in football etc but it's still such fun to watch and be a part of.

It's funny because I get asked questions like, "do you even know what Rugby is?" It's great cause I get to explain that I attended Highland High School and our Rugby team takes Nationals and kills everyone almost every year and my little brother played etc etc. It's nice to have that claim to fame so that atleast the questions stop hey. I must admit, Rugby is a heck of a lot of fun to watch, especially when you are watching the World Champion Springboks of South Africa masacre England etc. Steve, you would love it here, there is Rugby games and Braai's almost every week and the girls even watch and understand this game, it's great! However, I have to admit I was pretty jealous of my fam and friends watching Utah beat BYU yesterday, would have loved to be at that game...but I was busy here watching the Rugby!

Alas, this is just a choice that I can't make and I guess my friends both South African and American will just have to deal, I'm a fence sitter, I enjoy em both! Go Utes, Go Bokke!

sho, this place is stunning...

K, so not to make you even more envious that I get to be in Africa (I can't help it) , but if you haven't realized yet from my pics and my constant blogs about it's beauty, South Africa is absolultely one of the most spectacular countries in the world and its why I keep coming back. My friend Christine and I packed up and took a roadtrip to hike the Drakensburg this week. The Drakensburg is located in the Natal region of South Africa and is the second largest canyon in the world. I betcha didn't know that was here. It was unbelievably green and lush and we had quite the adventure, hiking waterfalls and down "The Crack" which was a forbidden trail. I am a nature girl, I love love love to be outside and camp and build fires and even be dirty sometimes, although I also enjoy the shower afterwards but anyways. We even got to eat guava rolls, yes GUAVA rolls which we don't have in the states and also coconut marshmallows in our s'mores. So delish! I am already planning my trip back to these parts, it's absolutely amazing! Come and visit, come with me...come to Africa!

Friday, November 21, 2008

standing in a holy place

I was so grateful for the opportunity to visit the temple this week. I don't know how much you know about Johannesburg, but with all it's beauty there is a lot of danger here. I am constantly getting warnings about where I should and shouldn't go, and to watch my back as I travel around this city. The temple grounds here are beautiful and as I walked around this week I felt at peace, safe, a shelter from the outside world. I am all to grateful for the comforting spirit that the temples of this world offer and to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I don't know what I would do without the gospel in my life. The Church is the same wherever you go. The members here in South Africa are so good and are examples. I have been fortunate to participate in numerous family prayers, witness baptisms, and to visit the Johannesburg temple often as I have been here. The temple here is stunning and is lucky enough to be one of three in Africa.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


I love roadtrips! So a few friends and I decided to get away for a weekend and head to Durban, South Africa. First of all, Durban is beautiul and I loved it there! We had an amazing time just talking in the car, enjoying the scenery, swimming in the Indian Ocean, jumping off the pier and just enjoying not caring about anything for a couple of days. Love you girls, thanks for coming with me!

Monday, November 10, 2008

this is why south africa will never leave my heart

There are so many reasons I have loved my time in Africa, each time I have visited or lived here. Too many really to name, but I wanted to highlight a few just in case you don't know already why I am smitten for this part of the world!

Children: The children I work with are survivors and the most precious things to my heart, they've changed my life!

Elephants: graceful, loyal, strong, basically all that I am striving to be.

Waterfalls: a vivid reminder that God exists.

Jacaranda's: Nuff Said.

Braais: American BBQ's just don't cut it anymore, we need to take lessons from South Africans regarding spices and the way we grill. I'm very serious about this.

Cape Town: The most stunning city in the world.

Diamonds: A girls best friend and most of them come from this part of the world.

Sunsets: At the end of the day, despite the hardships of Africa she is blessed with the glory of a sunset. Spectacular!

Friends: I have met the greatest of people in Africa and I am so grateful for the role each has played in my life over the years. Some I know will be lifelong friends. Love you all!