Friday, February 11, 2011

done and done...

January and February are the blah months of the year as far as I am concerned (anyone else in the snowy part of the Unites States agree?). Moving on. These months however have flown by because I have been too busy to think. And while these posts are not interesting, and please...I am hoping they vamp up a little bit come March and April I just want to say that I am glad to have the following three accomplishments behind me. All happened yesterday as I lay here, sick in bed.

  • I finished The Hunger Games (LOVED IT), now onto Catching Fire
  • Got my tax's done, finally I get a decent return this year. Hmm...Europe, Hawaii or South America for Spring Break?
  • I recovered from my soreness from the half marathon in San Francisco last weekend. Amazing race, but I sure felt my lack of training. On to Oregon for the next one. 
Aside from the normal guilty pleasures of American Idol and The Bachelor, how are you handling February my friends? Half. Way. Through.