Thursday, September 27, 2007

My So Called Life in Connecticut

Hello from Nanny World! Things here in Greenwich are going pretty smoothly. Although, I think I just may be working a little too much and playing a little too little. I've begun to wonder if a social life is even an option at this point. Some weeks the only activities I get to are ones where I have a responsibility to be there. It must be how every mother feels, trying to get five minutes of "ME" time, which is nearly impossible, let alone dinner with a girlfriend or time to see a movie. I haven't had my hair cut since May. It seems that even my time in the bathroom which is supposed to be private time is taken up by one of the children knocking at the door, or in most cases, I bring the eighteen month old Marshall into the bathroom with me for fear of him getting into something he shouldn't or falling down one of the many flights of stairs (anyone relate to this?). It's a little awkward I have to admit the older he get's...trying to do your business while the child is peeking at you and is grinning at the bathroom sounds. K...moving on. Speaking of stairs, how many flights of stairs does one house need anyway? this house the answer is six which is way too many in my opinion...that must be why after I sing the children to sleep at night all I want to do is sit. Sitting would be great! But for some unknown reason I commited myself to training for a marathon which means right after work I head to the track so it doesn't get too dark. I'd love to run through the neighborhoods, but Greenwich doesn't have sidewalks...they like to keep the country feel around here. Around and around the track I go...sometimes dizzifying myself to the point I feel nausiated. I tell myself it's all paying off and will be amazing when I am on the Great Wall of China crossing the finish line. It better be! Alas, when I return home at night I am so sleepy that it takes all I have in me to shower, change into PJ's, read my scriptures and remind myself that I chose this life for myself and should be grateful for it. I guess that is the key...when we are in the midst of complaining about our lives, we need to remember that we have a choice whether to be happy about it or not. Atleast that is what I tell the kids when they whine about the choices they make. I am grateful for my job. The Mandells have been very good to me, we've travelled the world together and I have been able to live comfortably and meet financial obligations with ease. That is why I chose this and for now I reckon that I may as well enjoy the journey! To all the moms...I have no idea how you get through it without the paycheck or the Christmas must have something to do with the "I love you's" and seeing your children discover something for the first time!

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