Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Vespa Sick!

I am not a person who get's attached to objects easily or considers myself sentimental. I am often living away from home or occupying a passengers seat on an airplane to various destinations around the world so I reckon that getting attached to anything would just stand in my way! However, I have dearly missed my little silver Vespa lately. I purchased her in summer 2006 from the Vespa Dealership in order to save on petrol and to get though a transition period between living in South Africa and moving to Connecticut. I paid her off over a year ago and while I am working in Connecticut, she sits in my sisters garage in Salt Lake City just waiting for the day I return. She represents a time where I was free...only working part time teaching cooking classes, spending endless nights talking with my roomates, the summer sun beating down on us and the wind in my hair as we rode fast along the streets of Salt Lake. (well, if you consider 55mph at maximum speed fast).

I first gained an appreciation for the Vespa when I visited Milan with Camille while backpacking through Europe. My love affair with Italy came intensly and fast and Vespa's were everywhere as we strolled the Italain streets. I marveled at the idea of being mobile in something so small. A new way to get from here to there! When I returned, I spoke with my father about purchasing one. I have always been sort of a "Daddy's" girl, but that day I found out something new. My father had also purchased a Vespa when he was my age...drove it into the ground. Finally rid himself of it in a trash yard when it just wouldn't ride any further. I was delighted to hear that this love for small vehicles was something we had in common. Like father like daughter hey! Naturally, out of his sentiment for his Vespa he thought it a smart idea that I purchase one instead of a car.

Nowadays, miles away in Connecticut I just wait...wait for the day when I will reunite with her and we can ride together and I can again feel the wind in my hair and freedom beneath my feet. I'm definatly Vespa Sick! I've been meaning to give her a name but nothing seems fit the title I feel she deserves. She's strong, classic, elegant and graceful. All the things I desire to be, but fall short of.