Thursday, February 7, 2008

monkey business

Today is the Chinese New Year and since I am visiting China in May and quite frankly love to celebrate any holiday I can, today was no exception. I looked up my Chinese fortune for the year. I am a monkey (born 1980). My fortune says this:

The Monkey who has worked hard will see many rewards in the year of the rat. The year may start off slow, but by the end of March the full richness of the rat year will be evident and continue through the year. The battle of earth and water can bring confusion. Tolerance helps you to avoid making enemies by judging friends or coworkers too harshly. Overall the rat is a good friend to the monkey and provides many chances to find good fortune in love and in your career. Take your time in picking the best of these. Avoid the temptation to spend unwisely. This is a year for saving, not spending. The right decisions will see the foundation of a comfortable nest egg building during the rest of the cycle. Enjoy your good fortune.

Not so bad hey! Some of the other signs had some unwanted obstacles to overcome in this year of the Rat. I'm not a huge believer in astroligy or fortunes in general, but if there is good news I will smile and take it for what it's worth.

Since I work with children, baking is welcome at my job hence today, in honor of CNY we decided to make homemade fortune cookies. So much Fun! We looked up fortunes online and stuffed our hot cookies with the messages. Of course we had to cover ours with chocolate and sprinkles, what else? I totally cheated and ate a whole one...sorry Christine! I'll burn it off, I promise.

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Christine said...

Did you REALLy have to take a picture of you stuffing your face with that thing??? :)