Sunday, March 2, 2008

sweet tooth

I had so much fun in Manhattan yesterday with my cousins Jess and Mel. It's so fun to be living out here on the east coast with them and that we get to hang out together. There's no other way I rather spend my day off. It's apparant that we all have a little bit of a sweet tooth and share the same sentiment for chocolate. So naturally, we went to Dylan's Candy Bar and Serendipities. My peanut butter frozen hot chocolate was absolutely worth the wait, as well as the Crumbs Cupcakes Melanie bought for Dave. New York City is delicious and this family has no problem partaking of it's goodness. Here's a little slide show of our fun day!

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Dave and Mel said...

THis was a great day!! I love all the pic's of our chocolate teeth and know the people sitting next to us loved them too. You have some great ones of the kids, I'll have to get those from you. I love your blog and just got all caught up- you really have a cool perspective on life- can't wait to play on Friday!