Tuesday, September 29, 2009

mega post

My dear readers. Please accept my apoligies for the long blogging sabatical. I am back to posting (I think) assuming I can continue to stay unmarried to my job. Yet, I will remain faithful to it.

Martianne and I had a great time driving across the States to get here. I am happy to say we made it with absolutely no issues along the way. Such a blessing! We made overnight stops in St. Louis, Nauvoo, Hershey, and New York. It was wonderful to see how great this country really is, as well as visit some church historic sights and friends. I've posted some pics below of the trip although they don't really do it justice. I treasure the precious time I got to spend with my sister and all of our talks along the way. Thanks Martianne for sacrificing a week away from six kids and your sanity during the 1500 miles of corn!

Life in Connecticut is excellent. I am settled in my job and loving the kids that I nanny. Madeline, Andrew and Emily crack me up every day and thier parents are lovely. Somehow I feel like I was born to do this job. Even after ten years I am learning so much! I also love where I live. There are horses walking the trails in my neighborhood, Polo matches, and beautiful thick trees everywhere. Not to mention unacheivable houses all around...but atleast it gives me something to dream about. I will post some pics as the leaves start to change. It doesn't get more beautiful than New England in fall.

As to what else I have been up to...it seems I've spent almost every weekend away on roadtrips to a number of cities around. One thing I love about living in Connecticut is that it is so easy to get to other cities. New York, Boston, Philidephia are all so close!


Morrena Harris said...

Great Holly,
It was so fun to read about what you are doing and the places that you have been, also you cross country trip was just what you and Martianne needed. Love ya! MOM

Ruby said...

Sounds so interesting Holly! Can't wait to see the pictures of fall. I love all the colours of autumn.