Wednesday, December 23, 2009

city sidewalks, pretty sidewalks

There is no more exciting place to be at Christmas time than in the heart of New York City! From the window display's on fifth avenue, to the tree in Rockerfellar Center I totally fall in love with Manhattan each December.

This year however, I had some special visitors (wink). The first being Aunt Janene and Uncle Warren, who I don't have many pictures of but...we went to dinner for meat loaf at a local restaurant and then to see Billie Elliot on Broadway. BEST BROADWAY AROUND right now in my opinion. Aunt Janene and Uncle Warren are a hoot and I am so lucky to have such awesome family who come all the way from Texas to Enjoy Manhattan.

To make the season particularly special, my boyfriend David (yes family and friends...I did say boyfriend) came to New York for a visit this past weekend. It was his first time in this part of the country. Although nearly all of our plans fell through to do a gigantic snowstorm, we had a delightful time and loved just being together. It was *Magical*

Here's a few pics to capture our wonderful time in the city!


HKins said...

I love that you love my brother. You're so cute together.

Dinee said...

Lovely post my friend!! I am so glad that u have found someone so wonderful, that fits into your life like he was always meant to fit the photos!! You make such a beautiful couple! Love you lots, and i wish for you many more weekends like this one!

be said...
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