Monday, January 18, 2010

my word for 2010

Last year I started a new tradition. Instead of setting New Year's Resolutions, I decided to pick a word to work on for the entire year. My word for 2009 was "learn". It was the perfect word for last year because I did learn so much, about so many things.

This year I have chosen, (drum roll please)...


OK, so this one might seem boring, common, etc. but I chose it because it requires me actively working on it in small moments, hours, days. There is much that I have to work on when it comes to patience. I am required to have it in almost every area of my life right now and it is not something that always comes easily. I work with children, so naturally I am constantly needing to exercise patience although I have to say I really enjoy the children I get to spend time with everyday and it is good practice for when I have my own. I am in a long distance relationship, which requires patience and waiting but luckily and dauntingly I am dating the most incredible man on the planet and He's worth every moment I spend waiting til we can be together next. I am having to be patient with my dreams, which I have so many of always, and they are sometimes put on hold due to career and life decisions.

To help me as I go along, I found this talk by President Monson.

I am totally excited to see what 2010 brings. Let's hope I learn a little more patience by the time 2011 rolls around!

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HKins said...

Holly, I love you even more after reading this post. I love that you choose a word to work on rather then set a new years resolution that for sure will end after 2 weeks. Brilliant idea. Even though it's almost the end of January I might have to steal this idea & choose a word to work on this year too.