Friday, November 5, 2010

mini monster mash

I absolutely heart Halloween! I love costumes and candy corns, haunted houses, and corn mazes. It's such an excuse to throw a bash! (not that I ever need one)…. I teach pre-school, but to remain "politically correct" and neutral in all things, we don't celebrate holidays at our school. Gotta love the one families beliefs ruins the celebrations for everyone thing. What is America coming too? BORING! Anyhow, I sort of got away with it by doing a Dr. Suess Study in my class and dressing like "The Cat in the Hat". My little three year old students were bewildered, and one ran straight to the library and grabbed the Dr. Suess books and said, "look…you Him!" SO cute!

To get over my lack of having a party in pre-school, I threw a little Mini Monster Mash of sorts for my married with children friends. I really am lucky to have amazing friends and their children are absolutely adorable. For the menu we had goblin guts, vampire teeth, monster salad, eyeball cupcakes, witches brew, and Frankenstein claws. We made spider cookies, and painted pumpkins. I was mostly enjoying their little costumes amongst the organized chaos.

Check out the fun!

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