Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas in the City!

City Sidewalks, Pretty Sidewalks...Manhattan is such a magical place to be in December! 5th Avenue becomes a mecca for tourists who like to shop. Although I have to say that I never shop there because everything on 5th avenue costs a pretty penny, and let's be honest, nannies are not that rich. However, the window shopping is delightful. The window displays are simply amazing at this time of year, I think the stores even compete for a prize. I love the carriage rides and ice skating in Central Park.

My most favorite thing in New York at Christmas is Rockerfellar Center's famous Christmas Tree. Year after year, the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree appears as surely as December, and Christmas in New York wouldn't be the same if it didn't. In a city of superlatives, it is the biggest, brightest, most famous Christmas tree of them all; as venerable and beloved a tradition as the World Series, Fourth of July fireworks and New Year's Eve celebrations.

It is, quite simply, a crowd-stopper. Skaters swirl beneath its branches and shoppers stop to stare. Carolers serenade beside its branches, their voices climbing to the shining star on top, and sightseers are held rapt by the thousands of lights that blanket its limbs, glistening like fresh snow in the moonlight.

America has celebrated Christmas around the Rockefeller Center Tree since 1931. Below you will find a pic of the 2007 tree. I love it. Christmas in New York wouldn't be Christmas without it.

I heart Christmas, and I heart this city at Christmas Time!