Monday, December 17, 2007

Girls Just Want to Have Fun and Eat Cupcakes!

I have missed my friend's from Salt Lake more than toilet paper on a camping trip, more than popcorn without butter-and that's a lot! I love planning parties (seriously, I would have one every weekend if time allowed) so naturally on my trip home, my college friends and I got together on Saturday for a Christmas Party at my Mom's House.

Chocolate Peppermint Cup Cakes-My favorite!

Recently I decided that I needed a signature food that I bring or make for parties. I've officially decided on Giant Cupcakes. I ordered the pan for them on-line. I'm not ambitious enough (or rather don't have time) to make the batter from scratch, but Betty Crocker comes through for me flawlessly everytime. Kevin, my super nice brother-in-law crushed candy canes with a hammer and my mom made the frosting this time, cause she makes the BEST butter cream frosting. Thanks for all your help Mom, you rock!

The MOST Amazing Women in the Universe!

Cedar, Jackson, Annie, Amelia, Eli and Lucy-So Delicious!

The Menaces (If you are going to be a menace, you should be as cool as we are!)

Mostly, I just want to pay tribute to my girlfriends and thier delicious babes. Seriously, I have the most unachievably talented, most beautiful, graceful, lovely, intelligent girlfriends in the world and I don't even know why I'm privleged enough to hang out with them. Elizabeth, Jacey, Becky, Julie, Camille, Cary Ann, Jessica, Ashley, Shelly, Mindy, Wendy, and Krist-it was so fun to play catch up with you and see your adorable kids. Those of you who are mom's, you inspire me. My sensational friends who are menaces like one is worthy! I love your guts!

Who doesn't love a cute gift bag?