Sunday, May 11, 2008

to a mom who rocks

I could spend an entire day writing about how wonderful my mom is, but...I kind of don't have an entire day so I will leave you with a good top ten list although most of you who know her wouldn't need the list cause you already know she's amazing.
1. My Mom is always willing to help anyone with anything. Whether it is scrapbooks, weddings, dinners, rides, cleaning, moving...doesn't matter.
2. My Mom makes the BEST dinner rolls. Everyone who's been lucky enough to try one knows what I am talking about.
3. My Mom listens to me on the phone for hours and finally figured out how to use google chat so we can talk even more. I'm so proud.
4. My Mom is the queen of the bundt cake. I don't remember a Sunday Dinner without them.
5. My Mom taught all of her kids to be self reliant and to work hard.
6. My Mom has a beautiful testimony of the Gospel and has always remained faithful even when things got tough.
7. My Mom is dedicated to her marriage to My Dad and I am so grateful for that example.
8. My Mom has this way of making each one of her kids feel like the favorite. (but I know that I am the real favorite!)
9. My Mom loves holidays and everybody knows it because she makes them so special.
10. My Mom is one of the least judgemenatal people I know. There is a reason why she has so many friends.

I love you Mom and hope you have a sensational Mothers Day!


Nicky Yamamoto said...

Hey Hols!
I just wanted to say good luck with the marathon! I hope you do great!

Jenn said...

Your Mom is the most awesome person ever. I actually was in SLC visiting my sister for Mother's Day and I passed your street (King Street) and I couldn't help but reminisce to those awesome growing up times!

Also wanted to say good luck on the marathon - you've done some awesome training and I know you'll do wonderfully! Go Holls!