Saturday, June 14, 2008

where's mr. darcy?

I spent the past ten days at Bovey Castle in the brilliant English Countryside. It's possible that this much time away from technoligy and too many afternoons spent drinking tea and eating scones with clotted cream sent me into Pride and Predjudice mode, but as I walked around I couldn't help but wait for Mr. Darcy to come walking down the path at any given moment. Maybe just wishful thinking? It's true that single women really shouldn't watch shows like Emma and Pride and Predjudice because your expectations of men suddenly become unachievable. I mean, what woman doesn't want a gentleman with an accent who says things like, "You have bewitched me body and soul and I love...I love you and wish to be a part of you from this day forward". Sigh. Well...that didn't happen while I was in England but here are some photos of this beautiful country anyway. Love the sheep. They just hang out there in the middle of the road like they own the place. I guess it's thier right hey.

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e said...

Some of those seriously look like paintings. It's hard to believe that places like that exist sometimes. It's like stepping back in time a hundred years -- but with digital photography. :)