Wednesday, July 30, 2008

can't even wait

Only two days til the new Stephanie Meyer book comes out. I was going to like wait to post about how much I loved it til after I read it, oh..and how I am still in love with Edward (cause I am pretty sure I will be even more infatuated with this vampire after I read it), but I just cant even wait! So excited! I was never a believer in vampires before and stuff, but now that I read these books I've had quite the change of heart. Still don't love Jacob and ware wolves and stuff and Bella makes me want to barf sometimes-what a needy little brat!...but Edward takes my breath away cause he's so awesome! Who cares if he's just a fictional character. Who are you to call me pathetic?...Ha, you can't wait either!

By the way ladies. I stalked my cousin Rex Patrick on facebook and under the list of books he was reading he put the Twilight series. You should seriously vote for him in the marriage poll to your right. I mean, how awesome is he? HAGS!

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nannyjai said...

comes out 3 or 4 days later here!