Monday, November 2, 2009

definatly a little spooky

Once upon a time there were two cousins. One dark scary Halloween night a witch cast a spell on them and they suddenly turned into pigeons. That's right...pigeons. They didn't know how to break the spell, nor how they ended up in that ghastly state but the witch had achieved her goal. Holly and Jessica were definatly the scariest, ugliest looking animals in all of Greenwich. As they turned the corner in Target, a little lady bug grabbed her mommy's hand and said, "look mom, they're scary".

As Holly and Jessica made thier entrance in Wilton, the crowd of monsters turned their heads...and laughed...hard.

The spell was only broken at midnight, by poisoning the witch with three and a half of Thing One's candy bar brownies and a caremel apple. Witches can't handle rediculous delicious goodness.

As Holly and Jess returned back to the cottage, there was a note on the mirror with five specific words in bold letters which read, "DONT EVER DO THAT AGAIN". This could only be referring to thier feathery state. Feathers flickered everywhere around the cottage as a reminder...that hanging out with witches who turn you into birds is an aweful idea.

Holly and Jessica remained the fairest in the land, jk, until next year atleast...

Hope you all had a Wonderful Halloween!