Sunday, May 16, 2010

lake effect

This weekend I decided to go on a mini adventure to bike around Antelope Island. I had never been there before (crazy, cause I have lived in Salt Lake most of my life) and I wanted to see what it had to offer.

There is not much that can survive out there, and the city of Salt Lake looks tiny from the Island. We did see buffalo, and the biting gnats wanted to be my best friend. I declined.

However, the scenery was beautiful and one of these days when I am a rich teacher, ha ha, I will get an amazing camera to prove it. Until then, these pics will have to do.



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Amanda said...

This is awesome! I lived in Utah most of my life too and I've never gone out to Antelope Island. I'll have to add that to my to do list next time I'm in Utah....whenever that may be!

3-G The Poet said...

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TOL. said...

Wow, the views there are amazing. I will have to visit Salt Lake City some day! If you like check out my blog @
K thanks! :) My twitter is tyangg if you have it as well.

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