Sunday, May 30, 2010


I love a good road trip! It goes without saying that we have amazing National Parks in Utah, I mean that is sort of what we are known for right? I somehow in 29 years forgot to discover,


what have I been doing all these years? This place is incredible. You wouldn't think hiking around rocks could be so exciting, but I just marveled at the formations and the Arches and how beautiful the red rock looked against the blue sky. My photos aren't award winning by any means, especially with the storm coming in, but I am just grateful I had the chance to be there, and to live within driving distance. I am definitely making an annual stop from here on out.


One place we stopped was "Hole in the Rock". A couple literally bought the rock and built a house inside. So cool! I loved all of the vintage signs from the 1960's and the art structures there.

I was especially keen on this jeep, made of license plates and nuts and bolts. Ah, creativity. Love it!


Yay for Natural Beauty, Road Trips, and for lovely Utah!

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w and w said...

k-that's just mean. seriously I cry every time I see pics of red rock. I don't know what it is about it, but I LOVE IT SOOOOOO stinkin much! IT HURTS! Good thing your coming out next week to make up for it. CAN NOT WAIT! and oh, baking? Can't wait for that either!yummmmmmmmmmm!