Sunday, August 29, 2010

drivin’, diners and chocolate

One of the best decisions I made all year was to ask my wonderful Mom and cute sister Martianne to drive with me out to New York. Thanks to my other cute sister Judy who works for Jet Blue, they got to fly home practically for free. THE TRIP WAS SO MUCH FUN! We only had four days to get there so we were in a crunch, but we made some awesome memories in the cornfields of Nebraska, Iowa, some states in between and Pennsylvania.

After driving 14 hours in the night, our first stop was Hokes Cafe in Ogallala, Nebraska. We stopped in this diner for what we anticipated to be a delicious meal. Let's just say that with all its charm and the smell of pee in the foyer, I managed to order some Cheerios and orange juice and called it good! We were delirious and laughing hysterically at our efforts to get a "good breakfast". It's funny that it was recommended by two people at the petrol station. Gotta love it!

Next Stop, Nauvoo. We arrived there, and went straight to the temple. It was Gorgeous. My mom had never been there, and it was a really special time for us. The Sunset over the Mississippi was lovely. The LDS Church sites totally make the trip across the USA (which just by the way I have done three times this year) worth it!

Finally, we rolled into Hershey, Pennsylvania. I absolutely cannot get enough of this cute little town. I think I might want to live there! We took Mom on the Trolley Ride and totally sang all of the "Oldies". The best part is that they pass out candy along the way.

I am so blessed to have a family that is so fun to hang out with and so willing to help whenever the need arises. Thank You Mom and Martianne for sharing this experience with me! I had a blast!


HKins said...

Darling post. I love road trips. This looks like you had a great time. I'm glad you made it to NY safe.

Becky Henson said...

Such a fun trip! Lucky that you have such adventurous family members to accompany you on all your adventures. By the way, loved the glamorous photo of you wearing the flower in your hair! Glad you made it to NY okay.

Morrena Harris said...

That was such a fun trip-I cannot believe that I did it! It took a few days to unwind when I got back.