Saturday, January 15, 2011

all is calm (sort of), all is bright (yep)

Sometimes I blog stuff. I am trying to get back to it, so bear with me on the Christmas pictures in late January.

My most favorite Christmas Tradition is the Annual Harris Family Sing-a-long. Every year we get together in my Aunt Lynda's home to retell the Christmas Story from the Scriptures and Sing the Christmas Hymns. We dress up as the nativity scene and as you can see they are quite creative! Actually, the whole thing is usually hilarious. I heart my much! We have such a stellar extended family and we love being together.

The Crowd
Aunt Martie doing what she does best!
A new meaning to "all is bright"
Aunt Carol, Charlie and Chance. Aren't they gorgeous?
The Uncles
Little Mia and I partying it up.
 Yes, that is a diaper on my nephew Hunter's head. Clearly,  we have some very wise men in our family.

Uncle Mike, bringing it home with little Franklin
What's a good Christmas party without appetizers galore and a plethora of crock pots?
Baby Jesus was a little bashful, er...she loved playing in that white satin number.
Our humble donkey, or unicorn? Just go with it!
I adore these women. My aunties, Mom, Grandma Norma, and I.
Where's the crowd control?
The shepherds and wise men getting ready to present themselves. Love the tinsel chest hair Hayden!
Poor Carter and Kevin spent the night at the hospital getting ready for an operation. Carter was spoiled though and we got to spend Christmas Eve with him in his hospital room. So glad he's ok.
Again, I mention our wise men. Creatively presenting their frankincense, GOLD, and murr. Lovely!

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