Saturday, January 15, 2011

three weeks...

Three Weeks. Three Weeks. Three Weeks.

I officially have three weeks to climb several mountains. Normally, you might see a Happy New Year post about this time, complete with resolutions, but let's be honest...really I just need to get through January. Then February....and the following three months after.

I have three weeks left of teaching pre-school before I move on to student teaching in high school.  I am not sure how to prepare for leaving my little students and moving on to older students.I'm pretty sure I will be mending a broken heart in 21 days. My students mean the world to me. I am excited and pretty much scared to death to student teach, but the experience is invaluable so I just need to buck up and do it!

I have three weeks to finish grad school classes. I feel like I am running the gauntlet...and all of my energy and time is being sucked up in the vacuum of school right now. Worth it?...yes, as long as that Master's Degree and Teaching license do what they are supposed to do and land me a stellar teaching job in the end. Cross your fingers! 

I have three weeks to train for a half marathon I signed up for in December. I had every intention of running every day until the race. Um...see the above two paragraphs if you want an idea to as why the running every day hasn't happened. Shoot! Seriously...21 days to train for a race? I'm dead. The upside is that the race is in San Francisco and I get to run it with a friend. Strength in numbers? I sure hope so. I need all the help I can get! PRAY!
I can't wait to be in this city!

Thanks to my loyal readers. I will hopefully be alive at the end of this fortnight and a week. I shall let you know with posts of celebration if that happens.

Wishing You a Magical 2011!


Jenny and Josh said...

Good Luck! You can do it!!

w and w said...

Talk about keeping the most boring month of the year interesting. How great it will all be to get it over with and enjoy the year! Best of luck on the marathon.. San Fran, wish it was me running with really, I'd like to deliver this baby like, TODAY! let me know how it goes!

jacey said...

Good luck running. Run like the wind I say. Keep us posted on the outcome of your month! ((hugs))