Tuesday, October 7, 2008


The first couple of weeks here in South Africa have been a whirlwind. I must say that moving across the world comes with it's own set of challenges and I am working my way through those. I think I finally have a handle on the cell phone/car situation. I have met some great new friends and have been spending the weekends with them. Honorable mentions are my friends Nadine (who dragged me everywhere my first weekend here-so fun!) and Angeline and Carel who were nice enough to pick me up and take me in to watch conference and for a good round of Phase Ten, love them! It's so nice to have met new friends who have literally been answers to my prayers.

Not much to report from the orphanage yet because I haven't actually been there (and that makes me sad), but soon now I will get a car and go there and be posting my adorable kids and all that we are doing. I can't wait to get there!

I have taken to driving on the other side of the road, was weird the first couple of times, but it's going to be fine. Whew!

The family I am living with is lovely. Mostly, we have been celebrating Jewish Holidays in the home where I live. Last week was Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year. I have loved learning about a new way of life and experiencing their customs as celebration. I did almost mess up the Kosher kitchen by taking an avocado from the fridge that was in the meat bowl and placing it on the milk counter and taking it out with a milk fork. We had to call the Rabbi and boil the fork and everything. SAD...but I am learning and will soon get it straight. Tomarrow evening we will start a 26 hour fast (I must say that's the longest I have probably fasted ever), but maybe it will be good for my waistline? This week we celebrate Yom Kippur.

South Africa as always is sunny and the accents are delightful. I have picked up the words howzit, shame, pleasure (for your welcome), Lekker (Afrikaans for nice, sweet, delicious), lovely, and Cheers and have entered them into my vocabulary for now. Can't wait to encorperate more. Some other fun comparisons to American English...

Sneakers = Tackies
Trunk = Boot
Gas = Pe-trol
Soda or Juice = Cold Drink
I'll do it soon = I will do it just now
I'll do it later = I will do it now now

I am loving being in this place where it is sunny...the Jacaranda's are starting to bloom and as soon as they do I will post pics.

Enjoy what's left of your week and please continue to update me on your lives!

This is at the stake Talent show in Pretoria...now you ladies know why I moved to South Africa...the legs my friends, the legs!

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Morrena Harris said...

Yeah, you are back from the "not blogging dead"-I about died for you of the experience in the kitchen-you will learn and fast, I am sure. Someday you and Kim will laugh, but at the time I can see the dirty looks you must have gotton and grandma there too! occh! Is the car coming soon? Can't wait for the up date.