Monday, October 20, 2008


I was tagged by a friend and the goal is to write six quirky things about myself so here it goes (it was great cause I needed a new post and didn't have one yet for the week)...

1. I love the taste of vinegar. I will have it on chips, cucumbers, salads, beets etc etc...if you gave me the choice between a candy bar and a pickle, the pickle would win out easily.

2. This goes along with number one, but my friends all know that I am the pickiest person in the world when it comes to salad dressing. I will choose a restaurant by if they have homemade salad dressing or not and it's not uncommon for me to ask the waiter, "do you make your salad dressings here?" and if they say no I will not order salad at all. I can taste preservatives in bottled salad dressing and I think it's yuck.

2. I have a thing with clean lines and things being straight. This could be chairs, pillows, box's, clothes in a closet, candles on a windowseal etc.

3. I can't stop doing a puzzle or suduko or a game without finishing it and solving it, if it's too difficult it's better for me just to never start it at all.

4. I like to sleep in a freezing cold room with three blankets. The softest of the blankets must be on the bottom.

5. I am extremely sensitive to smell and smells more than anything for me bring back memories. If I am in a store and I smell a certain lotion it might bring back memories of highschool, or the smell of fresh laundry reminds me of my cousin Jess, and the smell of pancakes reminds me of my dad etc.

6. I love doing my laundry and hanging it in the sun. Even when I am in the states and there are huge dryers a the house I would prefer to hang my laundry in the sun.

Ok, that's it...I guess I am not all that quirky but I am sure there are things that I don't recognise.

As fot the tag...Susie Q, Nicky, Camille, E, Matt, and Mindy...your it!

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e said...

Have you ever had fried pickles? I love balsamic vinegar, but I'm not sure the usual variety is as enticing. But I'm always curious about fried pickles...