Sunday, January 25, 2009

saturday night live (acoustic) in park city

If you know my friend Camille, you may have a small inkling of how really random her life is. So, last night she gets a call from some guy from L. A. asking if she'll come play music at his dinner party in Park City. Camille released her CD on Tuesday and he had heard her music on MySpace and decided to call her up. Pretty cool right? Also pretty random! Anyway, E and I (aka, the groupies) joined her at her the dinner party gig and it turned out to be quite a stunning evening. The guy (Jeremy) who was hosting the party had invited some other artists from California to come play and my goodness they were talented! First we heard Cameron Rafati. His voice is like butter! After dinner Camille played four acoustic songs including the new one she wrote this weekend, yeah…she's pretty much amazing! Then, we were privileged to hear a couple of song writers who were also professional skiers. Super cool guys and extremely talented. I didn't catch their names (so bad I know) . Mostly it was just fun to see Camille show off her talent a bit and to meet other musicians. Thanks Camille for letting us come with, we had a lovely time!

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