Thursday, February 19, 2009

I’m taking a stand

Alight people, enough is enough. I think it's time to say a little something about technology and communication or rather lack of verbal communication because of technology. Tonight my visiting teacher's came over and we were having a discussion about this and I've decided that something needs to be done. Since when does writing on wall's for Facebook take place of the birthday card? Since when do we text message our condolences for the loss of a loved one? And most annoying of all…since when do we get asked out on a date over a chat on msn messenger? Next I will be proposed to through a blog comment, (don't get me wrong, love the comments so keep them coming) but seriously, enough is enough. Technology has made it way too easy for people to be lazy in their communication with others. I am guilty as charged and want to change it. I can't understand why we pay for phone service if we don't ever actually pick it up and use it. And I miss the days when we used to head over to the neighbors to ask for a play date. Not to mention, all these mediums of technology suck up your free time that you could have otherwise been spending visiting a friend in person over a piece of cake and hot chocolate (how many hours have you spent browsing friend's profiles this week?), let's be honest with ourselves. I am frustrated that most of my relationships involve me and a computer screen, and embarrassed that I get most of my updates on people's lives through blogs or chats so I am putting my foot down. Call me old fashioned but real cards will be sent in the mail! Phone calls will be made! And Gosh darn it if that boy wants to ask me out I better hear a voice next time! Does anyone else relate to this or should I just accept it that this is 2009?


Thobeka said...

Amen! lol, but seriously though, I agree!

SO said...

You know how much I LOVE telephones (LOL). I know exactly where you are coming from but I like to think of it this way, without this technology we might not keep up with many of our old friends. It is how you and I met up again too :) As hard as it is sometimes it just seems to be where the future is headed. There is definately a line though. A date invitation by internet? You've got to be kidding me.

Chelle and Aaron said...

I'm with you...and ashamed of myself. I have actually been thinking a lot about this lately. Compounded with the insane amount of time I waste on the computer every day, i agree something has got to change. Good luck getting back to your roots.