Tuesday, February 17, 2009

picture tagged

I was picture tagged by my friend Jai this week and I thought what the heck…nothing to lose by posting something new!

Here are the rules.

  • go to your my document/my pictures
  • go to your sixth file
  • go to your sixth picture
  • blog about it
  • tag six people

This picture was taken in May of 2008 on a boat in Bankok, Thailand. Camille, Christine and I visited there after running The Great Wall marathon in China. You might be able to notice how tired I look, I had spent the night in the emergency room for heat stroke the day before. This brings back amazing memories of adventure, triumph and friendship in the Orient. What I wouldn't give to be back in that heat again, despite the illness! Spring, hurry up would ya?

And now I tag: Melanie Francis, Lisa Padilla, Becky Henson, Jacey Faulkner, Elizabeth Vincent, and Nadine Padoa.


jacey said...

Holly, for some reason I can't see the pic?

jacey said...

ps- I still think that's awesome that you ran that marathon and lived to tell about it.

jacey said...

ps- I'm done now

Holly Harris said...

Can you see it now? I just was editing the post :D

Christine said...

oh...I would give anything to be back there!!