Friday, July 10, 2009

curve ball, some changes

What a whirlwind week it has been. I feel like I was picked up in a tornado, spun around a few times and put back on the ground.

I have some news. I am returning to Connecticut at the end of August. This week I got a call from my old employer who runs an a nanny agency in Connecticut telling me about an opportunity to work for one of her friends. Most of you who read this blog, know that I am a nanny by profession. At first I had dismissed the call, until I realized it was an answer to the prayers I'd been saying in the past month. Lately the future, particularly my economic future has been weighing on my mind. I was getting anxious at the fact that I will have student loans coming out of grad school and no gaurantee of a job, especially not in Utah where it seems that everyone wants to be a teacher. Last time I checked the districts out of curiosity there was nothing. Here in Utah I am working for an AMAZING family, so I kept dismissing the promptings that I need to really find something where I can save as much money as possible. I am making an ok salary, enought to pay my bills but there just isn't enough to put any sort of significant amount in the bank for savings and in this economy, it just makes me nervous. I'd been attending temple sessions, pondering, and praying in search for answers this past month. Monday evening I had a dream that I was talking to my old boss and she was telling me about some lovely families who needed nannies. Not even a joke I woke up to an e-mail from her asking me to call. That was Tuesday, and I interviewed with a new family that evening. After speaking with the family and working out logistics, and a couple of talks wih my parents and prayer, I decided to accept the position. It wasn't easy though, because the people that I work for in Utah are so kind, generous, and such examples to me. I will be sad to leave them. I have to be strong though and realize that I have done this before and still have great relationships with all of the families I work for. I love the kids I have been blessed to watch over the years with all of my heart. I also have to recognize the positive impact having a large savings will have on my future.

As for grad school, I will continue with my master's degree but will be switching to Early Childhood Education. My undergrad is in Human Development and Early Childhood so I feel like this will be a comfortable degree for me and one that I can build upon my experience. I don't know that I will be pulled away from nannying to teach pre-school. I am quite comfortable as a nanny, but it will be nice to have the qualifications and I am happy with being able to get my teaching certifications in Connecticut as it ranks in the top three states in the Nation for education.

As for the dream...I know it sounds random, but the next step after grad school will be Culinary School. The ultimate career goal for me is to have lots of little aspiring chef's busy in a kitchen classroom, and I am their teacher. Some day!

I am always amazed at the curve balls in life. The quick and sometimes not so quick decisions to make, and the answers to prayer we recieve. I am truely blessed, and very fortunate. With all of life's opportunity, I really do feel like, the luckiest girl in the world!


SO said...

WHAT!!! You know I'm happy for you if this is what is best, but selfishly I'm bummed that you are leaving again. Make sure to contact me so we can hang out again before you go. I wish you all the best!!

Morrena Harris said...

We are happy for you-this sounds just the ticket to get the goals that you have set for yourself accomplished. Keep moving along, your attitude up, your heart set on the things that are eternal and your faith very strong and everything else will fall into place. Yes, we know that "Utah" will bring to back from time to time, but like your Aunt Janene and Uncle Warren, you will most likely live somewhere else. Good luck in getting back there!

Courtney said...

Good luck with everything! It sounds like a great opportunity and I know that you'd be a fantastic teacher!!

Andi said...

Isn't it crazy how quickly life can change--and in such unexpected ways? I know how you feel! I'm currently living one of those experiences! :) Good luck with the move. I'm sure it will bring a myriad of other blessings as well. You are great! Keep in touch!!

Julie said...

We sure are going to miss you, but know this is the right thing if you feel good about it. Playgroup won't be the same! You ROCK! Love you lots!

Anonymous said...

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