Tuesday, August 19, 2008

central park

So for my last New York day for a while I decided to spend it in Central Park, a little excercise and a nice Saturday in the Park was bliss. I went with Jess and we had a great time just catching up, watching street performers and enjoying the scenery. It seriously was a perfect day!

Jess enjoying fresh lemonaide, SO good from the Boathouse on this perfect glorious day!

Is this not the cutest thing ever? I love seeing old couples like this, he's just content while she lays on his lap and he holds her hand, so cute!!! Think he saw me snapping the photo though!

These "Afrobats" were awesome. Three Hundred people gathered in the park to watch them including Jess and I.

One problem, the NYPD destroyed their whole show right in the middle of it because they were using a radio? Rediculous!

I LOVE this about New York! Check out this guy's Hammer Pants. Haven't seen those since 1994. So Awesome!

I am going to miss being on the East Coast with Jess. She's amazin'!


Morrena Harris said...

You and Jess look so sweet together-you will miss not being close to see each other every once in a while.

Morrena Harris said...
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David said...

we'll miss you too!!!! I hope you are having a blast in UT and loving your new little niece, we'll see you when you come back through :)