Wednesday, August 6, 2008

love love loved it!

Alright Ladies...if you haven't already, you most definatly need to grab your best gal pals and make your way to the cinema for "Mama Mia". If you are like me and you appreciate the music of ABBA and don't mind viewing the bliss of the Mediterranian coast and Greek Islands (who does mind I mean really?), then definatly definatly go see this! I went last night with my friends Allie and Hayley and you better believe we were dancing and singing along in the movie theater. Fun Times!

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Morrena Harris said...

I loved the movie just as much as the broadway, I have gone twice. The music and dancing and the places that they filmed it was so wonderful to see-so glad that you went with your frinds. But just remember that your Mom will never forget the day in NY with you and we had so much fun seeing Mama Mia on stage!