Tuesday, August 12, 2008

sending out an s.o.s

Help me my friends, just what am I supposed to read now? So I finished Breaking Dawn last night, so fantastic by the way. I am going to miss those vampires, especially the E-bomb/Man of every womans dream/Edward Cullen. Can't wait for the Twilight movie priemer but anyways...

...now I have a serious problem. I need a new book that is as good if not better than this one, atleast as exciting? Please Please Please comment if you have any suggestions for what I should read next.

One friend suggested the Jane Austin books, but I have vowed not to read them til I am hitched cause if I do, my expectations for men will become unachievable and I will live in a dream world (maybe I am already there, who knows)

Can't wait to see what you suggest...please be quick...I have a vacay to Mexico coming up and need something mega good to read on the beach!

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Molly said...

Never read the book you mentioned, but I just finished Water for Elephants...a little graphic, but it was quite a page-turner.