Thursday, January 17, 2008

Faith, Hope, Prayer and Miracles

For those of you who do not share the same religion as I, don't tune out just yet. This blog is for all of my friends and family and applies to persons of all faiths. These are priniples that I believe in firmly. In the past month I have experienced each principle and it's power first hand.

I find that these four principles are interconnected. Faith Brings Hope, Hope brings Faith, Prayer brings both, and eventually through Faith, Hope and Prayer, Miracles occur. After the miracle, more hope, more faith, and prayer of thanks are offered. Atleast this is how the process works for me.

Faith is the belief in things which we can not see. There are times in our lives when we feel discouraged, we lose hope. Some miracles seem impossible. We feel unworthy of prayer. I have felt this way many times. There are things in our lives where we can not see the outcome. There are times when it seems easier just to give up on our creator, whom I refer to as my Heavenly Father. However, he did make us in his own image. He knows our feelings. He wants us to come to him with our sorrows, our worries, our discouragement becuase He cares for us and wants to help us become more like him through the process. They only way we can do that is to have faith. To believe without knowing what is going to happen. To have hope when there is no hope.

Communication with a higher being, Our Heavenly Father, or God comes through prayer. Because of a number of experiences throughout my lifetime and especially in the past month that are too personal to share on a blog, I believe that Heavenly Father really does hear our prayers and blesses us according to our faith. If we lack faith and hope how can we expect His blessings, His tender mercies, His miracles. That's like asking for a good grade in school when we haven't studied, haven't learned anything. Just as we can not ask for a grade we haven't put effort into from a proffesor, it is not fair to expect faithless miracles from God. However, I do believe God is more merciful. I know He is.

I want to express my gratitude to Heavenly Father for his mercy and his blessings in all of our lives. I know that he knows me better than I know myself and with continued Faith, Hope and Prayer I can trust that he will bring Miracles each day. It has been suggested that we write these daily miracles down, so that we can remember them and in turn our faith will increase and our hope will come easily. I intend to do so. I testify to these principles and I hope that those reading this blog have had the opportunity to experience something similar. We are ALL his children and we are all entitled to Miracles.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Holly. Many people think that miracles are only things that happen in the bible. But miracles happen in our daily lives. I intend to join you in an effort to remember and record these miracles.

Cassidy said...

This was great.

Dave and Mel said...

Hey Holly- I finally put some new pics up and appreciated the knudge to post something new. I love this inspiring post of yours and just think you are an amazing person. i love reading your blog and hope we can get together soon. have a great day- Mel

mateusz said...

i undoubtly second that oppinion. the stream of his mercy is endless. it's only up to us how much do we use from it. and about those miracles, once i wanted to count them, but it ended up in filling up 2 pages per hour. so i just decided to admire them and be grateful for everything:)