Friday, January 4, 2008

Warning: Not Suitable for a Sensative Palate!

So my employer Lloyd and I kicked off 2008 with this new excercise diet. WHY? Why do we do this to ourselves? He is working with a trainer and I have roped myself into running The Great Wall of China Marathon in May. Both of us were told to eat things like fish pills, multi-vitamins and protein shakes. Yuck! The Protein Shakes are killing me! They taste aweful and I am supposed to have atleast one full one a day to prevent snacking, yeah right! I'm forcing even half of one down...I've added banana, ice and peanut butter but nothing seems to suffice. If anyone has suggestions for how to get them down aside from injecting a feeding tube please by all means share!

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Chelle and Aaron said...

Sick Holls, I've tried the protein drinks and they are bad. I do better with the protein bars, although you really have to watch the sugar in them. Good luck on the running goal. You rock!