Tuesday, January 15, 2008

How I'm Eating An Elephant 0r Um 2008... One Bite at a Time

At the begining of every new year I make lists. Lists of goals or resolutions. I put them in catergories (spiritual, physical, social, proffesional, personal). I hate to admit it but I am a little obsessive about this, or have been in the past. I have so many ideas and goals and dreams floating around in my head all the time, so many things that I wish I could be or want out of life. Until..this year! I have decided to make 2008 simple. I didn't make my lists this year. It feels good, more carefree, more relaxed. I can honestly say I don't miss having a list. Making New Years Resolutions was always something I assumed needed to be done. I am realizing that I can still have the things I want and Holly isn't going to fall apart, just because I don't have my lists. In fact, in most of the areas I have categorized for years I feel I'm doing quite well. Granted we are only three weeks into the New Year, but seriously...it feels awesome to just kind of go with it. So that's it...I've decided to take 2008 and maybe every year afterwards, one bite at a time!

Note: I love elephants with all my heart. They are powerful, loyal, majestic, graceful, and loving and they never forget anything (so they must be pretty organized hey). If I were going to make one resolution this year it would be to grow up and be like an elephant.


e said...

Let me know when your list-making begins again. It can't be long. :)

Keven, Cary, and Hannah said...

Hey friend!! I love your blog, it's super fun! So, as far as loading the pictures -- the way they load is totally random! I can't even tell you how I do it, it just shows up that way for me. I upload three pictures at a time, then add a few more and it turns out like it does!